Sunday, November 29, 2009

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introducing Death.
Chapter 2 - Introducing James
Chapter 3 - In which a deal is struck between Hephaistos and Ares.
Chapter 4 - In which James makes a discovery
Chapter 5 - In which Death has a near dinner experience
Chapter 6 - In which James gets a second chance
Chapter 7 - In which Death gets a small surprise
Chapter 8 - In which James has a very good day indeed
Chapter 9 - In which Death has a rough day
Chapter 10 - In which Scroat is depressed
Chapter 11 - In which a suicide irritates Death
Chapter 12 - In which James screws everything up and doesn't die on time.
Chapter 13 - In which we meet an attempted suicide. Or a superhero.
Chapter 14 - In which no one, for no apparent reason, dies.
Chapter 15 - In which Scroat starts to get out of his funk.
Chapter 16 - In which shadowy men plot shadowy doings
Chapter 17 - In which things start going downhill.
Chapter 18 - In which we find out where Death has been lately
Chapter 19 - In which Ares is frustrated, Hep is unimpressed, and Father Adamson is surprised
Chapter 20 - In which Jill gets fed up with the new James and goes home
Chapter 21 - In which Hep delivers a motorcycle to a whole new Ares.
Chapter 22 - In which Hep tries to straighten out Death
Chapter 23 - In which James has one hell of a morning.
Chapter 24 - In which Hep assumes his new temporary duties
Chapter 25 - In which Hep starts getting the hang of things, with some help from a friend
Chapter 26 - In which an unlikely group plots dark deeds
Chapter 27 - In which Hep and Scroat conscript Ares
Chapter 28 - In which some morticians are disgruntled
Chapter 29 - In which Hep and Scroat force Ares to help them outChapter 31 - In which a lot of crazy stuff goes down.
Chapter 32 - In which Ares causes a lot of inconvenience for Hep and Scroat
Chapter 33 - In which James tries to win back Jill
Chapter 34 - In which Ares comes around
Chapter 35 - In which we reach the thrilling conclusion!

Official Nanowrimo word count: 50,002.
I Conquer.
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